Shopping in Antigua will seem limited if you are coming from a big city and accessibility to items may be hit and miss at times. We have 3 large supermarkets which stock a wide range of local and international goods and you will see familiar brands such as Heinz, Waitrose and Kraft to name a few. Although these will be at a far higher price than at home. Remember we live on a small island and the majority of items are imported so will generally cost more. So expect to pay slightly more for your weekly grocery shop than you would at home.


Once you have settled in you will learn to be a more savvy with your shopping and there is a wonderful fruit and vegetable market in St Johns that is well worth a visit and making friends with the local fishermen to buy fresh fish, lobster and conch from places like Urlings all add to an authentic Caribbean living experience. We also have some lovely boutique shops with more that seem to be opening all the time, selling items from kids clothing and toys to swimwear and arts and crafts for the home.