In order to be able to drive a car in Antigua and Barbuda you must purchase a temporary driving license usually from the car hire company, at a cost of US$20 (EC$50). You will need to show your current driving license to obtain this.


You should drive with care and attention at all times. The national speed limit is 40 mph with a 20 mph limit in built up areas. Motorists drive on the left in Antigua and Barbuda. Main roads are generally well maintained, although they lack road markings.Potholes, even on main roads, and poorly marked speed bumps can catch the unwary. Overtaking on blind corners and cutting corners when turning right are commonplace. It is customary to honk as you overtake as the driver in front may swerve to avoid a pothole and not see you coming.Stray cattle, goats and dogs are an additional hazard. Pavements are few and very narrow so pedestrians walk on the road. Few streets are lit at night. When driving in St Johns not all roads are marked, do not assume you have right of way and slow down at all intersections.


To buy or not to buy? Will really depend on how long you plan to stay if it will be worthwhile making a car purchase. Renting a car will cost anything from 800 US$ to 2500 US$ per month. There are various car hire companies such as Tropical Rentals www.tropicalrentalsantigua.com and Thrifty Car rentals www.thrifty.com


If buying a new car there are various dealerships across the island. Car prices are a lot higher than in the UK and North America but maintenance and fuel are cheaper. And do bear in mind that a 4x4 is always going to be a better bet than a normal car which although cheaper will restrict your travelling as some roads are simply too poor to drive on without a 4x4.